Sunday, June 20, 2010

My love... that you will never know...

Would you ever realise
That you are 'The One' for me?
Would you ever know
That you are 'The Love' I need?
Would you ever see
That my eyes are full of you?
Would you ever hear
That my heart beats for you?
Would you ever feel
That my breath is filled with your smell?
Would you ever find
That my skin is longing for your touch?
Would you ever get
That my lips are parched and waiting for yours?
You are next to me
A touch away
You are beside me
A hug away
Your breath is on my skin
But not for me
Is this how it's meant to be?
I love you and want to scream
To the world around I see.
But will you ever understand
That you are my elixir to live?
If I could, I would have snatched you,
from every love that came your way,
To make you mine, only mine.
But do you even know that I exist?
For you we are strangers,
But for me you are my desire,
My need, my want, my reason to live.
I love you and that's all for now I need...

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