Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lord God...

Forgive me father,
For I have sinned!
You gave me birth,soul, heart,
Ear,nose,tongue, eyes and skin,
Parents, friends and kin.
But now I am calling quit!
You gave me life...
Now you take it!
You sent me on a purpose
And I forgot that in mirth and merry
I know it is preposterous
But I took the road to hell in hurry!

Forgive me father,
For I have strayed!
Like a lamb out of flock,
Into the butcher's shop I have tread!
I know I ignored your warnings and signs,
But who cares for it over the bottles of wine?

You created Eden and planted tree of knowledge,
If that was not meant to be eaten
then why did you have it at all?
Now I have taken the path forbidden
And am on the edge
To reach you, all it will take is one big fall!
But then you gave me this life
Isn't it up to you to make the call?

You would say - "You never thought of me then
Now that you are short of luck you are acting like a chicken!"
But with so many offers for the five senses around
I enjoyed them with meaningful sounds.
Now I am all alone and good for none
Hence this is my plea
I don't want to live, take me back please!

GOD: So what do you want?
Money, wine and pleasure?
You forgot my purpose,
Took easy way to live,
Now trying for easy way out!
You forgot me in your good times,
Now I forsake you in your bad!
Take your time and complete your purpose!
Come home to me then, I will have your way filled with roses!
Till then I am on vacation!