Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A schizophrenic's song

Have you met Mr. Victor Green?
Oh, he is the man you should meet!
Tall, dark and handsome...
And what luscious lips!
No, no... there is nothing feminine about him.
He is ever charming,
And always enticing...
He is a darling that you should see.
They say,
He is a figment of my imagination.
But do you know something?
Green is just another name in Victor's
But I have seen it on their faces.
They are pure jealous,
Because I am the one he chose!
You see that hill in the yonder?
He rides down from there
on his best stallion.
The kind about which you wouldn't have ever heard.
He tip toes into my dreams,
In the night that is silent and dead.
There beneath the open skies,
And shimmering stars,
He makes love to me.
Now, why do you have that look like others?
Oh you too are jealous?
Care should I,
That you don't believe?
Dare would you,
To tell he doesn't exist?
Then why not prove it to your reasoning mind?
Come home tonight...
There you will see Mr. Victor Green,
Oh, he is the man you should meet...

Writer's plea:
There is no one called Victor green.
No one has ever heard him or seen.
It is all in her mind.
There is nothing real!
If you love your life'
Please flee!
She doesn't spare anyone,
Who has gone to her house to meet Green!

Dear little one...

Cry my little baby,
Cry out loud tonight.
You have stomachs to feed…
So cry my little daisy,
For it is your cry that they will heed.
A handful of alms your mama needs,
To buy you a glass of milk,
And a few loaves of bread.
Haven’t you heard yet,
It is the crying baby that is fed.
So cry my little baby,
Mama wont lull you to sleep,
No, not yet..
Cry out loud tonight,
You have stomachs to feed.