Thursday, October 29, 2009

excerpts from experience - i

I have never believed in writing a diary. But when those people that you have considered close to you and with whom you have shared all your thoughts, your feelings, you dirtiest scare, your weirdest ideas, you boring pjs, move on in life and go ahead in search of wider horizons, you feel pretty lost all on a sudden. You start feeling lonely and then that's when you feel god if I had somebody who can stick with me, with whom I can share everything and who would keep everything to oneself without divulging it to anybody... It's then you actually feel that you should have a diary, cause it's your lovely book that will guard all your intimate feelings and would never leave you...

A drop...

A drop of rain
on my heart
to wash the pain
from end to start
A drop here
A drop there
A tiny drop everywhere
A drop of you
A drop of me
A drop of everyone that we see
To make an ocean of care
To hide people from dirtiest scare
To keep every one happy and safe
To give our kids a hope that's to stay..

excerpts from experience

Never love anybody so deep that your happiness for them gets over shadowed by your sorrow of missing them..