Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee break!



Have you been waiting for long?

Not much. Just for 20 yrs. Ha ha...

Huh?! Mahesh! Well I am sorry you had to wait, the traffic was horrible.

Hey, that's okay. I have been here only for five minutes now.

You haven't changed a bit. You are still that funny old guy.

Well, what did you expect?

I expected a pot bellied, balding middle aged man. And look at you. At 48 you still look charming.

Ha ha... As always! Even you too look pretty. Yeah you have put on a bit of weight and your hair is greying at the temples but you don't seem to be any different.

Remember this place, when you first took me out? It was a small restaurant. With may be 10 -12 tables? Now this has become one of the hi-fi restaurants in this city.

Yeah, you are right. So what would you like to have?

Arabian coffee.



It's the same coffee that you ordered that day.

I know.

Excuse me! One Arabian coffee and one southern Indian Brew, please.

You too ordered the same.


So? Hows your husband?

Deepak? Good. And your wife?

Anitha is fine. She has gone to her native. Kids?

Yeah! Two. Elder one, Mrunal, is 17 and is in twelfth standard, and the younger one, Madhusha, is 12 and is in seventh standard.

Why are you torturing your kids?

What?! What do you mean! How can sending to school be torturous?

Who said anything about school? look at their names. Its difficult than their syllabus!

You incorrigible old man! Stop sniggering! Tell me about your kids.

I have only one daughter, Nisha. 14 yrs old. In school.

I hope she has taken after her mother.

Yeah she has taken after her mother in dumbness.

Come on. Will you ever be serious?

Yes I have been on many occasions.

Tell me the last one!

The day I got married. I was so serious I didn't talk to any one.

God! Ha ha ha ha... Seriously dude... oops... you are too old to be called a dude.

Hey! I am still young okay!


Why? You doubt? Look at the women at the other table. They are looking at me.

Yeah, and probably wondering who that cranky old guy is!

They are jealous of you. I can see it in their eyes.

You live in a world of your own, don't you? And why should they be jealous of me? They should have Anitha on their list. Don't you think?

But for now, in their eyes, you are my partner. So you also enjoy.

Yeah right! I am happy to be with Deepak...

Oohh! Good! Oh well the coffee. Have it before it turns cold.

Mmmm... the coffee just tastes nice, like it was that day...

Hmm... Is it the coffee or the company? eh?

I think... both...

So, tell me... How is your life?

Good. Wonderful husband, beautiful kids, nice house and good job.

And you?

What me?

Happy you? You didn't add that with the train of adjectives.

Me... uh... Isn't it understood that if all these things are right then I should be happy.

Hmmm... Yeah. You are correct.

You were trying to hear something else?

Nah... You want to say something else?

Ha ha ha... what is this? Some kind of kids play?

No no. Just thought, I saw something else in your eyes.

Oh... So tell me about your self.

Me? Just like you. Beautiful wife, wonderful kids, dream job and lovely house. What else could I need?

Really Mahesh, never thought that I will meet you here in Mumbai. I mean, I am in Delhi and all our old friends are in different places. This is just a good surprise from fate.

Yes... Even I didn't think that you will be coming down here, even for a day. When you called I was not sure what to do. I mean the only time that we have "officially" went out was 20yrs back. After that I am meeting you today. And then suddenly one day you told me you are getting married. I didn't know how to react to it.

Huh? My news of getting married evoked reaction in you?

I guess so...

What did you feel?

I think I was upset.


Yes why are you surprised?

I thought it wouldn't bother you.

Even I had thought so. But that day, somehow..

Why are you smiling?

Nothing... To think about it now, seems funny.

Yeah, I know.

So ever thought of me these twenty years?

You think if I hadn't thought of you I would have called you today to meet?

Good point there. Oh here the bill has come. You have Five rupees with you?

Ha ha ha... I wish I had.

Huh? What's so funny?

Remember that day after the coffee, while paying the bill you asked me to give you change for a five rupees note?

No.. I don't remember. What about it?

I had kept that note with me for long.


I dropped it into the temple box the day my marriage got fixed.


Why that reaction?

I never thought you had feelings for me.

What difference would that have made? You never were serious about relationships.

Who knows, may be if I were given a chance I would have become serious?

Yeah... Yeah...

Well past is past. We have come all this way. Now lets go further... I know it's a lame dialogue.. Ha ha ha... Gather your bags, lets leave. By the way, where is your cab parked?

On the other side of the road.

Okay come. Be careful when you cross the road. Remember you are 46.


Why are you smiling?

That day too we had to cross the road and you held my hand tenderly first and then gave it a press. I acted as if I didn't notice.

You are some kind of a woman, do you know that! And all this while I thought you were so innocent!

So here is my cab. Guess it's time to say good bye.

Yeah. Keep in touch.

Don't you think we have been? Else hows is that even after 20 yrs we still share the same chemistry.

Hmmm... But this time lets actually keep in touch. And more thing... Your eyes are still the same. Beautiful and always smiling. And the moist in them is just... you know...

Yeah... Bye... Take care.

You too... Sigh!


Ramya Korappath said...
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Ramya Korappath said...

This is my favourite, of all the pieces you have written in your blog..the regret, the feeling of something lost in the past, and the deliberate attempt to make someone feel that you are happy..all comes out really well...very good read..