Monday, February 11, 2013

Blame it on Hormones

Remember that old bollywood dialogue that Nirupa Roy harped in every movie, “Mein ne nau mahine tumhe apne kokh mein pala hai…”? And we used to go rolling on the floor as if some poisonous laughing gas had hit us? Well, I am very much of a Nirupa Roy myself now. The only difference is that I have this huge load of hormones cruising through my body that makes me Vijayshanti at one instance and Nirupa at another!

Pregnancy is one of the most interesting experiences that a woman can have in her life. Even those who think that they need to achieve a lot before the Jr. hits them, would change (may be after an initial shock) to the most caring of the mothers. But with this change will also come change in their behavior.

No matter how much your husband or partner says that I understand you, believe me, he can never really get you. First three months of feeling constantly tired, cramps in your abdomen, regularly changing moods and emotions, morning sickness (note: puke till you drop) followed by next three months of bulging tummy, slow gait, but more energy, swelling feet, lesser stamina, more prone to getting affected by any micro organism, constant hunger, regular loo times during night breaking your sleep, and only two sleeping posture – left or right! And finally the last three months where your gait is slower, your body is heavier, stretch marks weave webs across your once smooth belly, your centre of gravity has shifted to your abdomen, for heaven’s sake you definitely can’t sleep in any other posture other than left and right, there is this constant pressure that you feel either in your abdomen or waist, and you are again back to being tired. To top it all you will either be constantly irritated or sad or throwing tantrums. Why? Of course hormones! What else?!

Wait! Before you think – My God! So much suffering?! There is a fun part to this too. And that is your kid! Bugger/ess will start moving by the time you are 7 weeks into pregnancy and you will start noticing it from 14th week or definitely from 24th week. The tiny twitch like feel, at first, progressing to push and brush and then aggressive kicks later will only bring smile to your face. It is when the power kicks happen, and your husband gets to feel does he get really excited about the entire affair. Still you are the person that is going to both bear and enjoy this and he is the person who will sympathize without knowing much.

One of the biggest benefits at this time is (especially if this is your first pregnancy), most people won’t expect you to work. You will be taken care off. You will become the centre of attraction. You will be allowed to eat anything unless your doctor has put any restriction. And putting on weight is mostly appreciated. And even your mood swings are okayed because everyone knows about those villainous hormones that are making rounds in your body.

Then this is just the beginning. The family will move off once you have delivered, you get back to your job with one more added responsibility – an Infant that needs 24X7 care, comfort and milk. And guess what, your hormones will still be active and awake, as they have to help you make more milk. So will be your mood swings.

So if anyone tells you – you have changed a lot after pregnancy – just blame it on hormones!

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